About Us

Hekima is a non-profit organization committed to leading the fight against child exploitation, where we safeguard vulnerable children and adolescents' rights within the country. 
Facilitates ending the circle of the children who living and working in the streets, child trafficking, violence, child labour as well as strengthen families. 
We are an emerging organization with big dreams for the future and a dedicated team that works towards our goals.

Through ups and downs, as well as fluctuations in our team size, we have persevered and we're still fighting every day for a better world. Our work is our purpose and our driving force. It is the reason we get up every day and do what we do.

Hekima was founded in 2014 and has since moved from Mwanza to Bukoba, Kagera region. It became apparent to us that this region in Northern Tanzania is in dire need of support for vulnerable groups but has widely flown under the radar of authorities. Hence we changed locations back in 2018.

Our Mission: 
A child rights centered organization that inspires children and youth to make the impossible possible by unlocking their full potential and advocating for their rights. We are focused on identifying and connecting, transforming children and youth, reunification, sustainability and prevention to reduce exploitation, violence and poverty. We aim to ensure that all children deserve to live in the families and get good care like right to education, a peaceful environment, and proper parental care. We want to prepare their future so they can achieve their aspirations and realize their individual talents. Hekima strives to accomplish community cohesion and development for children, youth, and their family.

Our Method:

Hekima has a day center for children to access medical care, food, and sanitation. 
They also are able to wash their clothes and obtain education and life skills such as cooking, hygiene, and agricultural practices. Hekima leaders and volunteers also conduct street visits to assess the needs of children living and working on the street. We provide information about their rights and the dangers of life on the street. We connect with government social welfare officers to register children and access information regarding their family to eventually reunite them. When children are reunited with their family, we assess safety and their ability to support them. We have made it possible for children to return to school or gain apprenticeships to become self sustainable. 

Our Team

Chui is the founder and executive director of Hekima.  Since 2015 he has been driving child and youth programs through trainings and facilitating Children’s Rights to establish a child protection system. In the past, he's mentor youths in entrepreneurship and gave employable life skills for street and home-based children through the organization "Railway Children". He's provided business counseling in trade, apprenticeships and vocational training. In addition to his work experiences, Chui was also a Special Needs Worker with "Sure Starts Children Centre Dar-Es-Salaam" where he provided physical, emotional, and psychological guidance to children with special needs.

Our Partners