Our Projects

It’s easy to do great work when you believe in what you do. That’s why we’re committed to helping children and youth at risk - every day. Below you will find the aims of our three main projects: The Smile Project, Zero to Hero, and The Sauti ya vijana 

Street Children

There are an estimated 437,500 street children in Tanzania. Many live on the street because of the violence and abuse they suffered at home. In Bukoba there are nearly 200 boys living on the streets, where they lack access to basic needs, education and are at risk of falling victim to violence.  In this harsh reality, The "Zero To Hero" project aims to provide first aid, psychological help, access to education, as well as protection for children and youth.

Hekima's social workers frequently visit the streets to keep track of new arrivals and the living conditions of the other boys. We also host weekly football matches for recreational activities.

Sauti Ya Vijana

 The program will engage marginalized youth from families and  introduce them to handcraft activities  (as well as preventing the youth in families from going to the streets and engage in risky activities) by leading them to use their abilities and talents to create art products like drums, bracelets, neckless, and other cultural decorations that could fit in the market, and, at the end,they could earn some income to meet their needs. 

"Smile" Project 

We provide education about child abuse and how to report incidences of abuse or neglect. Hekima provides informational sessions at local schools and connect with community leaders to mitigate these issues. They can be aware of their rights and responsibilities. This entails school attendance, taking care of themselves, as well as contributing to household duties. We aim to build strong relationships between children and their teachers as well as between them and their parents. As a result they can have a successful future in which they are educated and have the necessary skills to obtain employment in adulthood.