Our Projects

It’s easy to do great work when you believe in what you do. That’s why we’re committed to helping children and youth at risk - every day. Below you will find the aims of our three main projects: The youth counseling, Zero to Hero, and The Child Labor Initiative.

Street Children

There are an estimated 437,500 street children in Tanzania. Many live on the street because of the violence and abuse they suffered at home. In Bukoba there are nearly 200 boys living on the streets, where they lack access to basic needs, education and are at risk of falling victim to violence.  In this harsh reality, The "Zero To Hero" project aims to provide first aid, psychological help, access to education, as well as protection for children and youth.

Hekima's social workers frequently visit the streets to keep track of new arrivals and the living conditions of the other boys. We also host weekly football matches for recreational activities.

Child Labour

Despite efforts to exploit child labour are still a crucial matter, examples include children farming, fishing, mining, and young girls working in hotels and nightclubs.

Driven by poverty and other underlying factors; many children have moved away from their homes and are exploited in the informal economy, where the risk of many forms of violence such as physical, emotional, and sexual abuse, as well as not attending school so they lose the opportunity to improve their lives for the future. These factors have lead Hekima to create the "Child Labor Initiative" which focuses on providing children with psychological support, reaching out to families of concern, and involving law enforcement if necessary. 

The Youth  counseling

It's noticed that Tanzanian youth are affected on issues of mental health due to cases of employment, decision making, and sexual health, This leads them to be stressed during their studies, and as result, other people lose their lives and are suffered. Thus we are raising awareness, campaigning on media outlets, and "table the agenda" at ensuring youth are coping and balancing with the reality, without harming themselves, through their decisions making, and other kinds of lifestyles. The organization partner with different colleges in Bukoba, Kagera.