Do you want to get involved?

Hekima’s work relies heavily on the help of volunteers from around the world who share their time and expertise to moving our organization’s mission forward.  But even if you are not able to work with us on-site, we greatly appreciate any contributions to our organization: feedback, financial support or online workshops.

If you have become curious, read on! Below we have listed all the ways in which you can get involved and become part of our community.

Volunteer with us!

We are open to working with volunteers both on-site and digitally. Visit our workaway profile, leave us a message or check out our Instagram for testimonials of former volunteers.


As an NGO without any government funding, any financial or other contribution of our supporters worldwide is greatly appreciated. A little goes a long way! 

How to Get Involved

We're on Workaway!

Check out our profile and reviews here.

Join our Fundraiser!

We are about to launch a GoFundMe campaign. Become a supporter here soon

Transfer Money

Transfer money to our bank account or send it via World Remit to our Tigo Pesa +255713139955.

We have PayPal!

Send money to our former volunteer Sandra. She will transfer the money to us without fees here.

Ship Goods

Products such as Menstrual Cups or absorbing/waterproof fabric for swing reusable pads can't be bought in Tanzania. Help us by buying them in your country and shipping them over. Contact us below to ask for the address and what is needed at the moment.

Hekima NGO


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